Why Use Seculet?

Ease of Use
Visibility, assurance and control over your funds, in real-time.

Use it Globally
Freedom to send XRP to & from any member, borderless


Security Features

Protection against hacking and other socioal-engineering techniques


Biometric authentication!

Even if your username and password has been leaked, unless you login from registered devices login isn’t allowed.


When server is hacked.

Completing a transaction requires data from device and from user.

Uses highly scure 256 bit ECC encryption


Loss of device

Biometric authentication prevent malicious use of app from others. Disable device 24/7.


e-Mail is hackde

Even if e-mail is hacked you have nothing to worry about, you can change e-mail address anytime from app.



Quick Account Summary

  • XRP deposited & withdrawn in weekly, monthly & overall timeframe
  • Account sign in details

Instant XRP Deposit, Withdraw

  • Manually typing complex long XRP addresses is a cause of miswriting. You can quickly copy the address from the QR code by activating the camera.
  • You can also copy your XRP address just by tapping the copy button.
  • ※ When dispensing 20XRP must be left on the ripple specifications. Addresses less than 20 XRP may be deleted.

Withdrawal fee

  • 1% of the withdrawal amount

Deposit, Withdraw History Highlights & Details

  • Quick view of overall XRP deposits & withdraws
  • Check details about each individual deposits & withdraws

Manage Account Access from Multiple Devices

  • Have full control on devices used to access your account

Comparison with other
companies' products

Seculet Company A Company B Company C
Fee 1% of the withdrawal amount Free Free Free
Multi signature
Two-step authentication
Lock when missing
Account transfer
Japanese Support
Android app
iPhone app

Advance Security Features

User remains in complete control of their assets

  • By keeping private keyon their device to transact XRP safely and securely
  • Biometric Authentication to Access Account along with further 2-Factor via Email
  • 12 words based Passphrase for 2-Factor for transactions
  • Wallet recovery in case of lost/stolen device
  • Assets are stored with next-generation multi-signature technology
  • OS specific default keyboards
  • 256 bits ECC algorithm encryption on Data